Mould Bay

Moulds Bay is on Quadra Island, and is a great shore dive.  Drop into the dive shop while you are waiting for the ferry.  Get a map, have a chat...:)

 Take the ferry from Campbell River and follow the directions to the Cortes ferry.  YOu will turn left before the Cortez ferry onto Hyacynth Road. Follow this road to Valdez Road and the dive site is at end of Valdez Road. Park off to side of the road as this is a popular launch site for kayaks, too.

Mould Bay is a nice spot for open water training as there is little or no current.  

Look for the following:  at high tide there are 2 rocks  and atat low tide there is a big notch between these rocks.  THe notch forms the sides of the dive site. At the outside of these rocks [+/- 30ft depth] it opens out to a nice wide gentle slope. Follow the rock edge to either side, and you can find octo and wolf eels, as well as many of the usual life.  


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