Row N Be Damned

This is a favourite dive site, scenic and great for drift diving.   Row N Be Damned is a steep rock cliff located on Quadra Island. abundant with sea life including strawberry anemones, octopus, corals, sponges puget sound king crabs lots of fish. This site is truly abundant with life, including colourful corals, strawberry anemones, octopus, sponges, Puget sound king crabs, fish and more fish.  THe rock cliff drops deep into the tidal Discovery Passage.

It is located at the north end of the Strait of Georgia and is accessible by boat diving only.  The Strait of Georgia is made up of a group of islands that nearly creates a land bridge from Vancouver Island to the mainland.  Tides change fast and wind their way through the islands.  The larges of the passages is Discovery Passage located directly out front of our Floathouse.  

Average depth is 20m (60 feet)

Discovery Passage is also a busy navigational channel and sport fishing area.  Be sure to use all precautions. 



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