Restricted Surface Supply Diver

Restricted Surface Supply (RSS)

Course length: 9 weeks (440 hours)/ 8wks if you have your CSA Commercial SCUBA diver through DIVESAFE.

Commercial (Occupational) Dive courses are held at DIVESAFE International.  The school is located at the Marina as well.  And you can contact the school directly(press the DIVESAFE logo on the right) or we can help you with information.

 Graduates from this course will achieve certification to the CSA standards for Restricted Surface Supply Diver. This certification allows the diver to conduct commercial  diving operations using surface supplied diving equipment to a maximum depth of 30 meters (100 feet). The working categories include but are not limited to, harvesting, aquaculture, underwater engineering inspections, archeological investigation, police operations, underwater film production and emergency services rescue operations.  

With additional training divers can also do underwater welding and cutting, underwater hydraulic tools and much more...

Key Course Information:

Course hours: Full-time 8:00am to 5:30pm (Monday to Friday)(weekend and evening work will be required)

Course pre-requisites: In order to enroll in this course the applicant must:

  • complete a CSA Divers Medical and be certified as "Fit for Diving" by a WCB recognized Physician
  • Openwater certification 

Course pre-requisites: In order to qualify for DCBC certification these tickets will be required.:

  • have certification in First Aid to Occupational Level 1 or equivalent
  • have certification in Basic WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Identification Systems)
  • have certification in Oxygen Therapy

If you do not have these certifications, no worries, you can take them during your 9 weeks.  Make sure you sign up.

Course Outline:

  • Theory lessons
  • Surface Supply Equipment - Umbilical assembly
  • Diving Helmets
  • Valves and fittings
  • Low-Pressure air compressors - Bottom surveys
  • Low Pressure air systems - Hardwire communications
  • High Pressure air systems
  • Divers umbilicals
  • Surface Supply operations
  • Search and recovery
  • Emergency procedures
  • Air lift and suction dredging
  • Rack Manifold operations - Underwater Hand tools
  • Breathing air filtration
  • Pressure & Volume requirements
  • Industry regulations
  • Line pull signals
  • Vessel Salvage
  • Low Visibility Diving